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The International Network of Healthy Companies (RiES) is an initiative of the International ORP Foundation (FiORP) which fosters the development of a 5Z business culture based on the Vision Zero concept; that is, in the belief that all accidents and damages at work can be prevented, if the safety, health and welfare of people is the main business priority.

The International ORP Foundation is a registered partner of the global Vision Zero campaign by the International Social Security Association (ISSA).

The Network brings together companies dedicated to the values and principals of the 5Z Healthy Company model which fosters the development of both the company and the people while working according to the Objectives of Sustainable Development (OSD) proposed for 2030.


What is the objective?

RiES supports companies in the integral development of a 5Z prevention culture with the aim to achieve higher levels of safety, health and sustainability.


What are the 5 Zeros?

The 5Z Culture is a blueprint for a Healthy Organization based on the Vision Zero mind-set. It is an initiative by the International ORP Foundation in quest of promoting the wellbeing of people and sustainable work environments.

The 5Z Culture fully integrates and further details the seven Golden Rules of the ISSA’s Vision Zero concept. In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030, it takes a more holistic view on the company by incorporating additional dimensions related to leadership, human resource development, equality and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Zero Accidents: Reducing work accidents and injuries

Zero Illness: Protecting and promoting physical and mental health

Zero Waste: Ensuring the sustainable use of resources

Zero Inequality : Strengthening teams through diversity

Zero Unawareness: Developing talent and careers


What are the benefits to joining RiES?

  • Contact with companies with shared common interests and access to an archive of healthy company practices
  • Use of a management tool for randomly checking and confirming your developments as a healthy company
  • Once you have earned the 5Z Seal, your company will receive public recognition for your actions according to the Healthy Company 5Z philosophy
  • Strengthen your reputation and broaden your base of collaborating companies whose interests focus on promoting and consolidating the well-being of their workers
  • Form part of a prestigious community sharing knowledge and establish international business relations with companies with common interests
  • FiORP guidelines for a new style of healthy business practices
  • Interchange of healthy business practices at the RiES Annual Meeting which takes place at the International ORP Congress
  • As a result of the auto-diagnostic tool, the receipt of a distinct Performance Map which identifies areas for improvement as well as suggestions on how to advance
  • Receipt of an executive report of the self evaluation in the areas of Zero Accidents, Zero Illness, Zero Waste, Zero Inequality and Zero Unawareness
  • Authorization for audit to obtain the use of the license of the Patented Seal
  • Identification of strong points of the organization in order to elaborate a plan of action
  • Involve the personnel of the organization in the quest for excellence for a healthy company as a common goal
  • Position the company in an ongoing search for improvement in the promotion and prevention plan.


How to become a part of RiES?

Everything stems from the determination and passion to attain this style of business life.

The first step is the signature by an authorized representative from the organization on the membership form “I want my company to be healthy”. (The letter is available at I Want to Join RiES).

The letter should accompany the initial diagnostic questionnaire and proof of payment of the annual membership fee. After acceptance as a member of RiES, the entity has one month to complete the auto-diagnostic tool which will determine the tentative score as a healthy company.

Within a maximum period of one year after joining RiES the company must request an audit by the certified auditors from FiORP determine the real score of the company according to the 5Z model.

The company will receive a generic performance map with a punctuation score. The performance map will show the actual situation of the organization for each of the five fundamental pillars of the 5 Zero model. The score is the sum of points from each item where the possible maximum total is 5,000 points.

In addition, the organization will receive a break-down and analysis of each of the categories: Zero Accidents, Zero Illness, Zero Residue, Zero Inequality and Zero Unawareness.

From this moment on, the company can implement a series of actions to improve in each of the areas analized. Within a maximum period of one year from joining RiES the company must have requested and completed an audit by the FiORP auditing team.

The company must request an audit from FiORP and an accredited team will be assigned according to the geographical location. Companies with a scoring of more than 3,500 points will receive the 5Z Seal and those with 4,200 points or more will be awarded the 5Z Excellence Seal. In cases where the audit results in an unfavourable report, FiORP will concede five months for the implantation of improvements and thereafter perform a simplified follow-up audit.

The seal is a living model and in constant evolution in search of excellence according to the Vision Zero philosophy. Therefore, organizations which want to join RiES must commit to ongoing improvement and perform the auto-diagnostic tool annually as well as renew the 5Z Seal every two years. By the same token, companies can propose to obtain the 5Z Seal through an entity accredited by FiORP. It is important to note that the receipt of the 5Z Seal does not signify membership in RiES and for this reason the certified company is obliged to pay the annual membership fee to FiORP.