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What is the 5Z Seal?

The 5Z Seal is a membership to the International Network of Healthy Companies (RiES) which assigns international accreditation conforming to the 5Zeros guidelines as developed by the FiORP.

Obtaining the 5Z Seal strengthens the company reputation and provides a broad base of collaborating companies whose interests focus on promoting and consolidating the well-being of their workers.

The 5Z Seal complies with the standards of the 5Z methodology established by FiORP and seeks to help organizations discover their level of performance as a healthy company. It provides an executive report suggesting ways to improve and advance in this search for excellence.

The 5Z Seal is a living model constantly evolving in search of excellence and according to the Vision Zero Philosophy. Therefore, the organizations which form part of RiES are expected to be committed to ongoing improvement. To ensure this, FiORP requests the performance of the Self-assessment Tool on an annual basis and renewal of the 5Z Seal every two years.


How to achieve the 5Z Seal?


1. Join the International Network of Healthy Organizations (RiES)

To achieve the 5Z Seal the first necessary step is to join RiES. This can be done following the section join RiES.


2. Self Evaluation and presentation of documents

Once the required documents have been submitted to RiES and membership is granted, the entity has one month to perform and present the self evaluation using the 5 Zero Self-assessment Tool .

According to the results of the self evaluation by the company, RiES will follow up with:

  • The Performance Map of the areas evaluated on a graph showing the points the company has earned in each category: Zero Accidents, Zero Illness, Zero Waste, Zero Inequality and Zero Unawareness.
  • The Executive Report of the self evaluation with recommendations and specifications to prioritize and implement actions leading to business excellence.

When performing the self evaluation with the Self-assessment Tool the company should take into account the following points:

  • It is necessary to evaluate each and every one of the criteria of the 5Z methodology of FiORP.
  • The results of the Self-assessment Tool should include responses from the directive team, employees and those groups which are considered of interest to the entity, and should be authentic
    and disinterested.

*NOTE: The diagnostic template in this section is merely a guideline.


3. Analyze and review the executive report of the self evaluation from RiES

With the Performance Map obtained through the Self-assessment Tool and the Self-assessment executive report, the company should establish:

  • Plans of action to deal with the areas which need improvements (Beginning with the most relevant).
  • Plans of action to boost the strong points.

With the objective to take actions to continually improve and strive for excellence as a healthy entity.


4. Request for audit

Once the company has received the executive report of the self evaluation from FiORP, an audit must be requested in order to obtain the use of the 5Z Seal. It is recommended that the grading should be close to or above 3,500 points.

Upon the receipt of the executive report, the organization has a one year limit to request and perform the audit.

The auditors chosen by RiES will address the company directive team prior to the 5Z Auditory process which entails:

  • Verification and cross-checking each and every response made on the assessment .
  • The document review will be performed by the audit team sent by RiES.
  • The audit team will study the documents submitted prior to the audit in order to prepare the visit and will contact the company to set up a date.


5. Auditing Process

The duration of the auditing process wil l depend on the number of employees, the number of centers and the location of the company.

During the visit, the 5Z audit team will evaluate the level of fulfillment of the criteria according to the 5Zero Model. The company must therefore facilitate all necessary information as well as authorize access to the installations, interviews with internal personnel and review records needed by the team.

The auditing process will be performed in the following stages:

  • Opening meeting: 5Z auditing team will meet with the person(s) assigned to accompany them during the visit. This would be the person(s) responsible for presenting the company work plan.
  • Interviews and search for evidence: ews will be done and documents will be requested to support evidence.
  • Closing meeting, where the auditing team will present observations made during the audit.
  • Audit report. After the audit an executive report will be elaborated by the 5Z audit team based on the evidence. The report, which is strictly confidential will include:
    • Complete analysis of weak and strong points.
    • Suggestions for areas which need improvement.
    • Real scoring of points achieved.

    There will be two copies of the report, both signed by the chief auditor of the 5Z audit team. One copy will be given to the company and the other is property of FiORP.


6. Receipt of the 5Z license

Once the audit is completed, RiES will send the copy of the final executive report to the company. If the score is superior to 3,500 points the license for use of the Blue 5Z Seal will be awarded. If the scoring is superior to 4,200 points the license for use of the Excellence 5Z Seal will be awarded.

In addition to the license, the company will receive the Certificate of a Healthy Company according to the 5Z model of FiORP.


Advantages of the Seal

Ocupattional Risk Prevention

Engaging in the audit and certification process and achieving the 5Z Seal by an organization, public or private, is voluntary. However, the commitment to achieving excellence as a healthy company provides the organization with a range of advantages:

  • Go beyond the national legal minimum standards for safety and health and sustainability.
  • Work in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.
  • Fulfill relevant ISO standards and continue evolving in search of excellence.
  • Achieve the baseline of principles and normatives according to the GRI standards.
  • Improve employee health and wellbeing and gain workplace loyalty.
  • Make the company more competitive due to a more attractive work environment.
  • Reduce absenteeism and achieve a considerable cost reduction.
  • Improve your market position and value; gain trust with stockholders.
  • Ability to benchmark performance with other organizations in the same sector on a global level.
  • Progress on your journey towards Vision Zero by putting the safety and health of people first.
  • Improve health and safety outcomes including illnesses related to sedentary work and psycho-social risks


7. Renewal of RiES membership and 5Z Seal

Membership of the International network of healthy companies (RiES) must be renewed annually and is conditional to the fulfillment of the Self-assessment Tool and achieving a higher score than the previous year, or maintaining a score above 4,000 points. Membership fees must be paid annually.

Both the 5Z Seal and the 5Z Excellence Seal are valid for two years. To renew the certification the company must request and pass a new audit by FiORP before the end of the two year period.